Flaming Social is the top provider of social media services to businesses, artists, and professionals. We provide many social media services in order to help your business grow at a much faster rate resulting in more sales, fans, and leads.
Flaming Social provides a variety of social media services, website design services, and marketing consultations. We can create you a website just like this tailored to your niche, so you can make $1,000+ a day like we do. Social Media Services Instagram Likes Instagram Views Instagram Auto Services YouTube Likes YouTube Dislikes YouTube Shares SoundCloud Plays SoundCloud Likes SoundCloud Downloads and much more. NOTE: Ask about are featured social media account automation. We log in your social media account using our program, automate all of your "actions", follow/unfollow people automatically based on what other Instagram user search for. Super targeted account growth tailored to your exact specific needs. Yes, we do require account access but we are the most trusted provider of our services. Verified with PayPal, Google, BBB, and many others. Website Design Services Turn Key Website Store Packages Logo Design Business Card Design and much more. Marketing Consultation We provide marketing consultations to businesses, artists, and professionals who are having problems in those areas. Are marketing consultations are free for the first 15 minutes. At the end of the initial 15 minutes, you will be directed to visit our website and purchase more time. Marketing Consultations can be purchased in 15 minutes increments. $10 per 15 minutes.
We offer the below delivery speeds for each order: None - no speed change, order delivered within 24 hours. Slow - order delivered within 12 hours. Fast - ordered delivered in 6 hours. NOTE: Order "completed" means your order was submitted for processing. It does not mean your order has been delivered.
Please contact us using our 24/7 Live Chat if you encounter any order related issues or if you have any questions. Please do not contact any of our social media accounts regarding a order because it will not be answered. Our social media accounts are used for marketing and adverting purposes only.
Flaming Social is dedicated to providing top notch U.S customer service to our customers and providing a unique service, added with cash back and a high paying affiliate program. Likes and Plays using a system which doesn't allow us to "take back" any services we have delivered once your order has been marked as complete. We have tons of fraudulent refund requests, customers disputing the charge on PayPal after we have fully delivered their order. At the time of placing your order you are asked to check a box agreeing to our Terms and Conditions/Services that we have in place to protect our business and PayPal account. In the event of a dispute, we reserve the right to ban your from using our website and PayPal will not refund you your money.
Flaming Social Affiliate Program Make the easiest money in the world selling one of the hottest selling services in the world. We get over 100 NEW customers a day (current customer base is 13,743 at the time of this writing, less than 3 months). We are going to tell you exactly what we do to make over $5,000 a day selling social media services. Read on if you’re ready to take the leap and start making $50 a day on your first day selling Likes and Plays’ social media services. Contact the website owner here for any Joint Ventures if you are another website or business owner who have current traffic/customers. Affiliate Program Features Fast Daily PayPal payments (over $7,594 paid out so far) 1 hour approval Different Tier Affiliate Commission % Levels (based on customer level membership) Guidance to help you start making immediately Anytime Balance Withdrawals No waiting for net 7, net 14, net 30 payouts. We pay daily at customers request. Don’t Forget… Sign up for one of our customer memberships today for special affiliate commissions and a site wide discount off all our services. Below are all of our customer levels. Sign up using the link next to each one and start getting site wide discounts on all of our services and subscriptions. -Normal Customer- Sign Up (after you sign up, send in a ticket mentioning your username so  we can add $1 to your wallet) %10 affiliate commissions %0 off all services – VIP Customer- VIP Membership ($4.99 a week, after you pay you will be automatically upgraded and begin to see site wide discount and %20 total in affiliate commissions) %20 affiliate commissions %5 off all services How do I make money selling your services? EASY. You do exactly what we do to get most of our customers. I am going to tell you step by step exactly what to do to make very easy money. If you follow this step by step guide, you will be making money in less than 24 hours. Step 1. Sign up for our affiliate program NOTE: Don’t forget to subscribe to one of our memberships once you start making a lot of sales so you get even more commissions. Sign up above by clicking one of the membership names. Step 2. Find one of our best selling products or any product you’d like. Go to the product page of the item on our website. Copy that link. For example. https://flamingsocial.com/shop   – you can copy this link Step 3. After copying the product link, go to your Affiliate Dashboard here. Look for the Link Generator or click here. Step 4. Once you are at the Link Generator paste the product link you copied before into the “Page URL” box then click on “Generate”. It will then generate a new link for that product into the “Referral URL” box. Copy that link. Alternatively, you can copy the link that is already there. Step 5. Find a link shortner. We use https://bit.ly to shortner our links and it makes it easier to track who clicked on it. You can also personalize your link using https://bit.ly Step 6. Now that you have your referral link you can begin to make money. We have found the most profitable ways to be posting in Facebook Groups and commenting on YouTube videos. I will explain our exact methods and different variations of our exact marketing methods used to make so much money you’d slap your mommy and she’d let you. MUST READ: Before I go on to explain the methods we use, you need to understand the whole idea behind it. You want to type in terms that our customers would type in (LIKE YOU). So… more than likely you are a customer and you searched a certain term on Google or wherever else to get to our website. For example, I go to YouTube or Facebook Groups to search. I am trying to find what I am looking for. With social media services people type in terms like: (you can use these) cheap Instagram followers where to buy Instagram followers low cost Instagram followers best place to buy Instagram followers free Instagram followers By now you should get the idea of what people type in (customers like you) to find our products. After reading each of the methods below you should read this over again. Posting in Facebook Groups At this point you should have your link ready to be shared and a general idea of how to find places to share your link to make easy affiliate commissions. Go to Facebook Groups and search for these terms below and use your own variations. YouTube Like4Like YouTube Sub4Sub YouTube View4View SoundCloud Play4Play SoundCloud Like4Like SoundCloud Download4Download Join no more than 25 groups a day. Any more groups and Facebook may ban you and you’ll no longer be able to post in groups or join them for a few days, sometimes weeks. Some groups you’ll need to answer questions, make sure you do because those are the groups with the most real active people. It is more effective to post in groups you have to answer questions for. Go to step 7 to see different templates you can use instead of having to think of your own. Be sure to change them up a little instead of posting the same thing over and over in the groups. You’ll get flagged for that. Commenting on YouTube videos Commenting on videos on YouTube is a little bit different than posting in groups, but not too much. People searching on YouTube are looking to watch videos on how to use apps to get Instagram Followers or YouTube Subscribers. So below are a few examples of what terms to search to find videos to comment on. youtube subscriber no survey free youtube subs app like4like instagram app soundcloud play app free instagram likes By now you should have this down packed. Use one of the templates in step 7 and start finding videos to comment on. Be sure to change up the wording bit. Find what works the best. Using link shorteners like https://bit.ly will help you track which post or comment received the most clicks. Step 7. TEMPLATES Use the temples below to make posts and comments. Be sure to include your affiliate link so that you get commissions when they click and buy. All of my examples will have my own affiliate link in it so do not use it. Copy everything except the link and replace it with your own affiliate link. Using these 3 examples, you should get a general idea of what to say and different variations you can use yourself. It’s not always about trying to sell your product. The most effective way to market, in my personal opinion, is to pretend to be a customer who bought the product and leave a genuine review so that people will read and be interested enough to click the link to go view the product. You can also ask for advice for a specific product or website like I did in one of the examples below. You’ll see what I wrote. I mentioned that I found a new website and didn’t know if I should buy or not. NOTE: When posting to Facebook, you can delete the link in the text before you post it. Make sure the website preview is still there before you share it. I went to Likes and Views, got some cheap Instagram Likes and they were delivered almost instantly. I can vouch for them. Definitely give them a try if you need more likes to make your business look more popular. "insert link here" (delete link after website preview loads) Has anyone heard of the new website Likes and Views? I went to it and it looks like a really cool legit website. I want to order from them but I don’t know if I should. What do you think? "insert link here" (delete link after website preview loads) I just got 1,000 Instagram Likes from Likes and Views. I didn’t think it was legit, but I got a “order complete” email. Checked my Instgram account and I had all of the likes I ordered. They even doubled my order. 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